Xiamen Financial Center Topped Off

Topping off ceremony for the Xiamen Financial Center was completed, while façade work is in progress for the main tower, and main structure being put in place for the surrounding buildings.

Gravity VS ALKF

Second game in the Architectural Basketball league was an uphill struggle, after chasing down the point deposit quarter by quarter and missed the mark by three points, improvements in offensive rhythm will play a big role in our future success.

Towngas team building

Second visit to town gas avenue, with a new group and a new recipe – of no recipes. Having to design your own dishes means everyone has to play to their strengths and consolidate on a viable solution in as little as 45 minutes, the outcome was well beyond expectation; so stay tuned for “Bistro pesanteur”.

Gravity VS LWK

First match in the Architectural basketball league 2012 is a matchup between Gravity and LWK, confirming we are capable for winning and our kit is the best among the league. Frequent fouls were an issue but the team triumphed by locking down attack play of our rivals in the second half.

Team Building Exercise

Worries of self-induced food poisoning was quickly cast aside as four teams battled out to recreate the main chef’s secret dish, while in the same time Yoda – I mean our team building mentor Donald from Town Gas Avenue – gave us a precious lessons in team work and communication.

Levity Victoria Harbour Cruise

Our dear little sailing boat ”Levity” joined the 1st of July Turnover celebration cruise on the Victoria harbor, a slow and chillaxing day compare to the usual hassle and shouting about onboard (as I was told).

GP Chengdu 1st anniversary

Sense of family reunion when the GP HK team head north to celebrate the first anniversary of our Chengdu Office, which also included a little trip to local vistas such as the majestic Wuyi mountains.

Architectural Sports Day

Gravity showed up in force for the first Architectural Sports Day, held by the HKIA. Surprise of the day is when we beat Soccer teams and Dragonboat teams alike to be first runner up in the tug of war, a good show of team spirit!

Gravity 9th anniversary celebration

The 9th year anniversary celebration went under the theme of “nine” and “dragon”, as it is the year of the dragon. We saw plenty of Dragonball and Power Rangers costume action, including Frank dressing up as a dog. Plenty of gifts were handed out and with no less a huge toll on Gravity’s wine stock.

2011 1Unit.300Families.300Residents Competition

The competition sprung from Chinas urgent need for a low cost, easily replicable social housing solution, addressing realistic demands in terms of space, mobility and living quality. Our design of a modularized, easily transportable unit, one capable of expanding according to different flat sizes won the Silver award among hundreds of entries.