Student Visit to Gravity Studio

Visits from The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association & Tsuen Wan Secondary School during the month of June and July were well received. Hopefully this will inspire the emergence of future young architects.

Gravity Wins the Merit Award at Quality Building Award for our Beijiao project!

The Beijiao project has won yet another award, this time for the Quality Building Awards 2014. The team attended the presentation ceremony, and was handed the Merit Award in Building Outside Hong Kong (Mainland China, Taiwan, and Macau) category for the Beijiao Cultural Centre project - this is its sixth award since 2013.

Exploring Mai Po

Being a corporate member of the WWF, Gravity values the environment and strives to better understand it. A trip was arranged to the Mai Po Nature Reserves to raise awareness to our colleagues the importance of our natural environment. There we explored the mangroves, as well as the wildlife, a key feature being bird watching on location; it was a rewarding experience, as well as a chance for people to understand the significance in protecting our earth. 

Gravity Wins in Multiple Categories at the 2014 Asia Pacific Property Awards

Asia Pacific’s premier developers and property industry professionals gathered at the Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur for the Asia Pacific Property Awards ceremony. Entries were received from companies in 26 countries across the Asia Pac region, with recognition going to developments in multiple categories. Gravity has been awarded the following:
1.Best Mixed-use Architecture Asia Pacific - Chengdu International Commerce Centre
2.Best Mixed-use Architecture China - Chengdu International Commerce Centre
3.Best Office Architecture China - C&D International Tower                  
4.Highly Commended Commercial High-rise Architecture China - Xiamen Financial Centre
5.Highly Commended Leisure Architecture China - No.10 Art Gallery
6.Highly Commended Public Service Architecture China - Beijiao Cultural Centre

2014 Study Trip to Kuala Lumpur

Designers love travelling, and this time it’s Kuala Lumpur. Hot summer usually is not a good weather to visit architecture, but thanks to the architects and landscape designers there, who provided lots of shades and trees, we were not distracted by the unbearable heat and can really appreciate the architecture; not only for its great appearance, but for the environment as a total experience

HKIA Sports & Family Day 2014

Since our first foray in 2012, Gravity returns to HKIA Sports & Family Day more prepared and in high spirit. An impressive number turned up for the event, split between point scoring main events which count towards an overall championship, and casual family fun games. After a series of fierce but fair competition, we are crowned overall champion by one single point, and am honored to defend the champion trophy in the next biannual event.

Ocean’s Eleven - Gravity 11th Annual Dinner

Gravity brings the tune down to the Aberdeen Marina Club, opening our 11th Anniversary celebration with live music performances, letting loose hidden musical talents of many of our colleagues. With everyone clad in Black and Gold, the competition for the best dress award was fierce, decided narrowly by the vote of a dizzy and dazzled crowd.  Other big prizes were up for grabs throughout the day, from the intra company bowling game, bingo, lucky draw etc etc….. ultimately everyone is a winner, sharing the joy of another successful year!

2014 Spring Hiking

On the first day of March, we organized an office hiking trip from Sai Kung to Tsz Wan Shan, a nice break from the busy schedule at the office and good opportunity for exercise. Lead by our expert trail walker Hing, our team of 16 hikers tackled the ups and downs of the 2 peaks in cold and humid weather. It was excellent team spirit throughout with everyone helping and encouraging each other to complete the gruesome 18KM journey. As for the statistics, we finished in 6 hours, walked some 26,000 steps and burnt off more than 1,600 calories, all were wasted as we treated ourselves to plateful of delicious noodles and snacks afterwards.

2014 ABC Four Peaks Race: Hong Kong’s Ultimate Challenge for Sailors and Hill Runners

Our J80 sail boat Levity were amongst 30 plus teams to participate in the 2014 ABC Four Peaks Race organized by Aberdeen Boat Club on 18 and 19 January 2014. The Four Peaks are unique challenges, testing the participants’ skills in seamanship, tactics, hillcraft, fitness and endurance to the limit. The teams have to sail from Tai Tam to Lantau, Lemma, Repulse Bay and back to Tai Tam, sending a pair of runners to race up each of the respective mountain peaks: Lantau Peaks 934M, Mount Stenhouse 353M, Violet Hill 433M and Peak 300 310M. Levity finished the race in 24 hours 38 minutes and came in at a respectable 8th place amongst 12 teams in our division. All the team members enjoyed the excitement throughout the training and the grueling race, exhausted but in high spirit, and will be back again in 2015.

Big Bowl Feast with the Rainbow Foundation

Following our Christmas Tradition, volunteers from Gravity’s staff took part in an event organized by the Rainbow Foundation. The event, which took place at the Rainbow Foundation’s Noah’s Ark Park, saw the Gravity Team assisting around 250 underprivileged people, children and the elderly tour the Park, watch a 3D movie, and end with a Big Bowl Feast banquet. Some of our team donned costumes and became mascots to entertain and give away presents. Everyone enjoyed a meaningful and memorable Christmas event together.